Lui Keung Aquarium

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Lui Keung Aquarium was established as early as 1963, an aquarium with the longest history in Hong Kong.


Fish Food

Lui Keung Aquarium is the sole agent and distributor of Hikari brand  fish food, the best brand of Japanese fish food.

For the discriminating hobbyist, the world’s most recognized premium aquatic diets!

Hikari – Japan’s most popular brand offers you quality you can depend on!

Kamihata Fish Industries, maker of Hikari aquatic diets, calls upon over eleven decades of ornamental fish-breeding experience to bring you the finest premium aquatic diets available today. Hikari is by far the most popular brand in Japan, a nation known for it’s fine ornamental fish. Today throughout the world, hobbyists with the health of their pet their first priority, feed them Hikari.