Lui Keung Aquarium

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Lui Keung Aquarium was established as early as 1955, an aquarium with the longest history in Hong Kong.


Hikari – Oranda Gold


A Color Enhancing, Daily Diet For Fancy Goldfish
A floating, daily diet utilizing bio-technology for superior coloration, outstanding form & excellent long term health.


  1. The specially formulated ingredients provide marvelous growth and promote desirable, true lionhead development normally not possible without feeding live foods while eliminating the parasite and bacteria problems normally associated with this type of feeding.
  2. Through Bio-Technology we offer you a diet that promotes coloration not normally expected in goldfish raised indoors due to an extreme lack of UV. This technology also helps prevent fading of your pet’s color over time.
  3. High in stabilized vitamin C, Hikari Oranda Gold helps reduce stress and promotes immunity to infectious disease.
  4. A floating pellet which allows you to easily monitor and adjust the amount of food fed to avoid over-feeding and never clouds your water.  


Carefully feed the amount your fish will completely consume whithin a few minutes, based on your water temerature, pond condition and the activity level of your fish.


Crude Protein Crude Fat Crude Fiber Moisture  Ash
min. 45% min. 8% max. 5% max. 10% max. 12%


Hikari Oranda Gold mini pellet 3.5 oz (100g) Item No. 05620
10.5 oz (300g) Item No. 05631