Lui Keung Aquarium

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Lui Keung Aquarium was established as early as 1955, an aquarium with the longest history in Hong Kong.


Hikari Cichlid – Sinking Cichlid Excel


A Daily Diet For Herbivorous Cichlids And Larger Tropical Fish.

A specially formulated daily diet for herbivorous (plant eating) cichlids and larger tropical fish offering higher levels of vegetable matter.


  1. A perfect balance of natural ingredients meant to meet the nutritional demands of most herbivorous fish offering a taste even the most finicky eater will love.
  2. Use of the inner most portion of the wheat-germ kernel offers more rapid digestion and beneficial natural nutrients your freshwater herbivore craves.
  3. Contains pure-cultured Spirulina offering vibrant, natural color enhancing capacity.
  4. Contains stabilized vitamin C which won’t degrade over time as easily as non-stabilized vitamin C and supports a healthy immune system.
  5. Trust the originator of premium aquatic diets when you’re looking for the best!


Feed two to three times daily the amount your fish will completely consume in a few minutes. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding and always remove uneaten food after feeding period.


Crude  Protein Crude Fat Crude Fiber Moisture Ash Phosphorus
min. 37% min. 6% max. 3% max. 10% max. 15% min.0.8%


Hikari Cichlid Sinking Cichlid Excel mini pellet 0.35 oz (100g) Item No. 14620
12 oz (342g) Item No. 14633